Current Programs

1) The Physics and Chemistry of Leadership - Program Description
     How To Get Peple to Do the Work and Do It Right - 3/4 Days.
2) Advanced Concepts of Leadership - Program Description
     An exceptionally in-depth program to achieve mastery levels of leadership proficiency - 3 Days.
3) Maximize Teamwork & Elevate Workplace Behavior with 'DiSC' - Program Description.
      A powerful tool for understanding the dynamics of human behavior in the workplace - 1 Day.
4) The The Mechanics of Management - Program Description.
      A Practical Operating System of structures for hiring, assessing, reviewing, and developing people - 2 Days.
5) The Internalization of Training and Development - Program Description.
      How your organization can save money and improve outcomes by training internally - Deployed over time.
6) Practical Communication Skills
     How to listen, how to hear, how to speak, how to understand for clarity and effectiveness.
7) Managing Time, Activities, and Priorities
     How to get more done, increase productivity and efficiency, and tame the chaos.
8) Creating The Significant Customer Experience
     How do great companies create powerful and profitable customer relationships?
9) Professional Sales Skills, level I & II
     The fundamentals and mastery levels of selling proficiency.
10) Building a Powerful Corporate Culture
        How great companies create a culture of excitement, urgency, and productivity.

Delivery options for our powerful Training Programs in your organization:

The Training Programs are designed to be delivered in concentrated versions of two-to-four full days, depending on the intensity and level of detail desired, as well as the depth of experience of participants. They are designed to be effective either as a stand-alone Essential Workshop session, or with a more in-depth Comprehensive Installation Process, as described below. (Additionally, based on the learning objectives desired, delivery can occur in partial day sessions at intervals over time.) Contact me to discuss options!

B) The Comprehensive Installation Process

  • An on-site assessment of the organization's structure, processes, staff, leadership, and culture
  • In-depth interview series with Senior Leadership to identify current issues and training process objectives
  • In-depth interviews with participants to identify specific development targets
  • Pre-workshop assignment session
  • Delivery of the Tailored Workshop in either the concentrated two-to-three full-day format, or in shorter segments over time.
  • Post-workshop actionable blueprint planning sessions
  • Series of Practical Application sessions to ensure understanding and implementation of the concepts

A Typical Training Day Agenda

Here is the typical structure for a Training program Day, but it can be easily modified to meet the needs of your organization.

  • 8:30am - 4:30 pm
  • 2 morning & 2 afternoon breaks
  • Lunch 12:15 - 1:15
  • Classroom-style worktables
  • Exterior windows preferred
  • Cellphones off
  • Powerpoint and video content delivery
  • Workbooks provided
  • Table team projects
  • Off-site conference facility preferred

A) The Essential Delivery Process

  • In-depth interview series with Senior Leadership to identify current issues and development process objectives.
  • Delivery of the Essential Workshop in the concentrated two-to-three-day format.
  • Follow-up action-planning session with Senior Leadership to design the going-forward blueprint.

Training Programs