This is a content-rich program designed to examine best practices and great ideas in the basic mechanics and structures of successfully managing employees, providing specific, practical tools and systems for:

  • Talent Acquisition - Find out how great companies keep the pipeline full.
  • Assessing Candidates - Do assessment tools really predict the right fit?
  • Interviewing & Selecting - Learn a powerful interviewing process that works.
  • The Hiring Transaction - Done properly, this is the most important step in the process.
  • The On-Boarding Process - How do you ramp people up to speed efficiently?
  • The Crucial First 90 Days - Is a probationary period useful?
  • A Training Process That Works - It's simple, it's efficient, and it absolutely works.
  • Development Through Coaching - Having a process for employee development is crucial.
  • Performance Reviews - We'll show you exactly how to do them to get significantly better results!
  • Addressing Performance or Behavior Issues - Can you really 'fix' people? If so, how?
  • Managing Collegiality With Staff - Are you too friendly or not friendly enough?
  • Managing Staff Conflicts - How do you get them to play nice in the sandbox?
  • The Dismissal Process - It doesn't have to be ugly.
  • Record-Keeping - Do you really need the paperwork?
  • Managing Meetings - One of the most powerful tools you have in your toolkit.
  • Assigning Tasks, Projects, and Work - How to delegate so it gets done.
  • Email, Memo, and Telephone Protocols - Increase your effectiveness exponentially.
  • Communication in the Workplace - There is a way to make it work more effectively.

The Mechanics of Management
A Practical Operating System

Successful solutions for hiring, firing, training, & coaching....

In order to get the greatest benefit from this Training Module, participants should already have completed our powerful signature workshop "How Great Companies Achieve More with the Physics and Chemistry of  Leadership" which examines the dynamics of leadership, influence, and motivation in improving employee performance. Click here for program details.

"The Mechanics of Management" Training Module contains 16 hours of instruction for those managers with a foundation of understanding in employee motivation, and who desire practical input in the structural mechanics of the management process.