I have dedicated my entire working life to helping organizations achieve higher levels of performance, productivity, & effectiveness with these essential areas of focus: 

How Great Companies Achieve More with the Physics and Chemistry Concepts of Leadership

This is the conference that enables a boss to get maximum performance and productivity from employees. We explore in depth the dynamics of employee motivation and how highly effective leaders influence the people around them. I've identified the methods, approaches, and strategies used by the truly exceptional companies and the truly exceptional leaders...and I'm happy to share them with you.

The workshop is designed to be delivered over three full days of training, with variance depending on the intensity and level of detail desired, as well as the depth of experience of participants. It's fun, it's fast and lively, and it's jammed with information, ideas, and specific, actionable tools that managers can use immediately to get better results...

During the past twenty years, thousands of managers and leaders from all over North America have experienced the Physics and Chemistry in leadership program in public and private events in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Boston, Baltimore, Pittsburgh,Nashua, New Hartford, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Charleston, Denver, Peoria, Des Moines, Knoxville, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Orlando, Manhattan, Huntsville, Jacksonville,  Sarasota, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Walton Beach, Montgomery, New Orleans, Dallas, San Antonio, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, Reno, Las Vegas, Oakland, Calgary, Phoenix, Atlantic City, etc.

8.) Employee Engagement
How involved should the manager get? Is micromanagement good or bad?
9.) Algebra in Leadership
The must-have element to thoroughly, effectively, and finally train employees right.
10.) Pygmalion Management
Harvard's key ingredient to managing employees' ups and downs in performance.
11.) The Triquation Process
The surprising, yet proven driver of increased productivity
12.) Creating Self-Discovery
The powerful tool that leads to employees' development.
13.) The Law of The Cheetah in Communication
How to really open the door to productivity improvement.
14.) Inertia, Entropy, & PSP
The primary reason why employees don't do their job.
15.) Curing Management Frustration
What single element distinguishes the great companies - and managers - from  average?
16.) Niagara Falls in Business
The little-known secret of powerful leaders.
What we cover in 4 fast-paced days of training:
1.) Business Physics
How to get employees to take responsibility for their performance.
2.) Four House Management Theory
Balancing the four primary, competing demands of an organization.
3.) Poker in Business
The simple secret to managing priorities, tasks, and time.
4.) Increasing Your Performance Potential With F+V
The behavioral key to significantly increasing a leader's potential.
5.) Social Learning Theory
How exactly does a leader's behavior affect employees?
6.) Propulsion Theory
What actually motivates people in the workplace; what propels people to action.
7.) The Chemistry Factor
If I'm paying them, why don't they just do their job? The ugly truth about motivation.
8.) Employee Engagement
How involved should the manager get? Is micromanagement good or bad