FAQ's for Training Programs

"How far in advance do I need to plan to schedule a Training Program?"

Generally, our training calendar gets booked several months in advance, so the sooner the better. Occasionally we have the flexibility in the schedule to accommodate more immediate needs. Contact us with your preferred dates and some alternatives, and we'll figure something out!

"How long is a typical Training Program day?"

Typically, clients seem to prefer a training day that runs from 8:30 Am to 4:30 PM, with two breaks in the morning, two in the afternoon, and an hour for lunch - but we're happy to create any schedule agenda that best meets your organization's needsI

"Can the Training Program happen in our own facility?"

Perhaps - generally, we find clients seem to get best results by using an off-site facility for the training, to maximize attention and minimize interruptions. However, some organizations do have first-class training facilities right on-site which are equally conducive to learning. Contact us with your preference.

"If we plan the Training Program to be off-site, what kind of facility will we need to book?"

For best results, A good facility for training will have exterior windows, bright (but not harsh) lighting, classroom-style worktables arranged in a V-shape, very comfortable chairs, easy-to-manage heating/cooling, and easy proximity to washrooms.

"How big is a typical class size?"

While we've worked with groups varying in size from 5 to 100, we generally find a size for maximum participant interaction and engagement to be from 15 or 20 to 30 or 35. Contact us with questions about your group's size.

"How about equipment needs?"

The facility should have a Powerpoint projector and screen with audio reinforcement, or a large flat-screen TV, and flipchart easels with plenty of paper,

"What materials will be needed and who's responsible for bringing them?"

We'll bring all the materials, handouts, and workbooks that participants will need, which are simply included in your final invoice.

"What about meals?"

Some clients have breakfast, lunch, and break snacks all provided for their participants, while others provide selected parts of the days' meals. It's completely up to you and the budget you have to work within. We recommend at least providing a light breakfast item to start the day, and coffee/tea/water throughout the day. If lunch is "on-your-own," restaurants should be readily available nearby. If lunch is provided, it should be in a separate room from the training room. Coffee and beverages should be available right in the training room.

"What about the cost?"

We'll quote you a price based on a per-day fee for the facilitation of training regardless of the number of participants. Additionally, you'll be charged for the direct expense of travel, accommodations, and materials. With your company purchase order or approved credit, all costs are invoiced to you end-of-month, net 30.

"So what do I do if I want to schedule something?"

Simply give us some preliminary information via email indicating the program you're interested in, the dates you'd like to consider (with some alternatives), and we'll get back to you within a day. Email is jimdance@walterstrayer.com, or simply call me at 607-745-3493.