The process occurs over time with Three Simple Steps:

How to Build a High-Performance Organization Using Our On-Site Consulting Services

A Brief Description of the Performance Management Consulting Process

In addition to workshops and seminars, The WalterStrayer Co. provides on-site consulting services for leaders and organizations seeking to improve their effectiveness, proficiency, and performance outcomes.

The good news, however, is that I'm not the expert on whatever your product or service is - you are! You and your people are the real experts on your organization! I just provide a little help, perspective, focus, structure, and accountability to the collective creative energy and expertise that resides deep within you and your team.

Very often, the strategies and solutions to achieve your organization's pursuit of excellence lie within it and simply need to be drawn out, clarified, and made actionable.

My role in providing consulting services, then, is simple and straightforward:

  • To stimulate your organization's creative energy with a series of focused trigger questions.
  • To assist the you and your team with 'upstream' and 'root cause' analysis.
  • To provide food-for-thought ideas relative to processes and strategies used by the acknowledged great companies in sustainable execution of excellence.
  • To help you and your team identify options, create alternatives, and think through outcomes.
  • To work with you to create measurable action plans for execution with accountability.