The Next Steps

Performance Management Consulting Services

Step One: It All Starts With Questions...

Situational Analysis
  • What are the problems, issues, and roadblocks?
  • Where do you want your business to go?
  • What holds you back from getting there?

Process Problems
  • What process and systems problems exist?
  • Where exactly do they break down?
  • What are the root causes of breakdown?

Employee Performance
  • Do your people perform to their potential?
  • Are performance and productivity as high as you'd like?
  • How are morale and attitudes among employees?

Management Effectiveness
  • How effective are your managers at achieving results?
  • How well do they function together as a team?
  • How well do they lead their employees?

  • How satisfied are your customers?
  • How strong is your repeat business?
  • How well do you measure customer satisfaction?

  • Is everybody moving in the same direction?
  • Do we all share the same values and work ethic?
  • How is employee turnover and how easy is it to recruit?

  • Is your business growing steadily?
  • Are you as profitable as you could be or should be?
  • Are expenses under control?

  • How happy and satisfied are you?
  • How is your stress level and health?
  • Are you doing what you think you should be doing?