One of the most powerful and productive activities your executive or management teams can participate in is a session away from the office to focus concentrated time and energy on strategic planning, problem-solving, team development, growing the organization, etc. The possibilities are endless. Call it a retreat, a conference, an off-site, an advance, whatever you like...but be sure to build in a little fun!

Well-planned and executed, the impact on the team and the organization can be significant.

Executive Retreats

There are, however, two critical elements which can significantly enhance the effectiveness of this crucial investment of company time:

One) Consider having professional facilitation of the process.

Two) The more time and energy invested in the planning and design of the agenda, the flow, the details, etc., the more useful and productive the time away will be.

I'd love to help you with both - I've had the privilege of being involved in the planning, design, and facilitation of a significant number of executive-level retreats, conferences, and field trips for a variety of clients and can help your team identify the content, activities, and details that lead to a successful and productive meeting.