This is the workshop that utilizes the world-famous DISC Assessment System to provide deep understanding into the dynamics of human behavior in the workplace.

What are the behavioral elements that result in one person being so annoyingly pushy and another being warm and pleasant? Why do some team-members interact so smoothly together, while others have conflicts every step of the way? Why is one boss so inappropriately demanding while another is not nearly firm enough? Why is communication so difficult in some relationships and almost seamless in others?

And most importantly - what can we do about all these human dynamics to create more effective working relationships, better communication, and higher levels of productivity?

The workshop can be delivered in either one- or two-day formats, as determined by the level of depth you'd like to pursue in understanding workplace behavior with your people, as well as the degree of specificity you'd like to bring to a given job function application. For example, while Day One provides an understanding of the broad general dimensions of behavior, in order to bring specific application to the sales process, or a particular management relationship, we would best be served with an additional day of work. this is a very interactive, high-energy session, with a unique behavioral profile provided for each participant.

The DISC  Personal Profile System has been used by thousands of organizations worldwide to improve hiring, selection, coaching, and development. It is a powerful tool to better understand human behavior in the worrkplace. The DISC Model is an exceptional, cost-effective resource in the training of managers, supervisors, salespeople, and customer-facing staff-members. The DISC Language is unequaled in its ability to enhance team interaction and resolve interpersonal conflict.

Organizations worldwide have embraced the language of DISC, pioneered over 70 years ago. Millions of people have gained insight about themselves and others through our DISC-based learning instruments. The DISC model provides nonjudgmental language for exploring behavioral issues across four primary dimensions:
Every day, organizations use DISC to establish a common language, paving the way for successful training and coaching applications. Detailed, personalized information helps people apply DISC learning to specific business situations, including sales, leadership development, customer service, and conflict resolution.

It's all about learning more effectiveness in relationships - and it starts with understanding the basics of behavior via the power and insight found in the DISC Assessment.

Maximize Teamwork and Elevate Workplace Behavior with DISC Training

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